Joint Student Project

In a joint student project, an innovative approach of researching learning has been pursued, combining natural and social sciences approaches with artistic elements and non-verbal forms of expression (music and dance). In the activities (open science lab, art lab, network workshop, etc.), various measures are pursued to achieve the following objectives: (a) the modernization of teaching and learning, (b) the promotion of qualified academic trainees and gender equality, (c) the establishment of regional teaching and research networks; and (d) the contribution of universities to social development and the formation of a knowledge based society.

In the Joint Student Project students from the four partner universities travel to Morocco for one week between 11th Sept. and the 22nd Sept. in 2016 and to Cologne between the 27th Nov. and the 4th Dec. in 2016. The students – coming from different disciplines (f.ex. music, dance, bio diversity, agriculture) – became acquainted with the approaches mentioned above. Moreover, students prepare themselves with respect to the local culture and traditions. Students will develop their own approaches and the task will be to bring together the different ideas and perceptions and explore solutions from different perspectives as part of a cultural dialogue.

A second workshop is planned between 3rd Sept.-18th Sept. 2017 in Agdz, Morocco, with a second part in the Art Lab between 13th Nov.-18th Nov. 2017 in Cologne/ Germany.