Art Lab

The artistic research to this project is embedded in perspectives that accept knowing and being as emerging and transforming privileging the embodied experiences and voices of the participants. The thinking underlying this research aligns with the experiences of the reflective practice within the process rather than a validation of an existing theory.

Dance is inherently a socially organized process of shared and embodied experiences. It is practice! One learns to dance through its practice not through thinking about it. The body constitutes the mode of knowing. Implicit and explicit knowledge merge in the embodied practice of dance. Music – like dance – is based on cultural traditions and practices.  It holds information about a culture and the people belonging to it. One important part of each music culture is the way of performance (f. ex. particular playing techniques) and the use of particular instruments. The instruments and the singing used (and the way they are played) define and characterize the Ahwash ceremony.

Here you can find how we worked in the artlab for facilitating collective processes, workshops, lectures, writings, making videos and audiorecordings, doing analysis, researching specific issues, sharing visions, thoughts and objectives.

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